Reconciliation Planning & Cross Cultural Awareness Training

Yaran provides cross cultural awareness, cultural intelligence, dealing with diversity, cultural engagement, where we endeavour for those who attend the seminars, sessions or training to experience with us a transformative journey, which we hope will enlighten them and enable a deeper understanding of our expansive culture.
We hope that attendees will take these learning’s back to their lives, companies and communities and reflect and encourage and engage with others as to what they have learned. What they experienced becomes integrated into in their relationships in the workplace, in the community, and in their personal lives.

At Yaran our professional (Aboriginal) trainers and mentors are committed to enabling your corporate engagement in your business and within the community you operate with that the ability to increase your social and economic presence in the market place.

Specifically, we endeavour to provide a course that provides participants with skills and strategies that they can use to communicate more efficiently and work more effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and in fact a lot of other cultures when following the cultural and participative framework.

The program we use has been delivered to large areas of the Australian mainstream public sector, with high rates of success and positive participant feedback.

In particular our training will:

  • Provide a real and lasting benefit for attendees;
  • Provide enjoyable, interesting and relevant exchanges;
  • Provide a program that will effect real behavioural change,
  • Provide a more positive mindset toward Aboriginals and non-Aboriginal people accordingly and that both cultures are better equipped to deal with cultural diversity.

Cultural Awareness Services

Yaran’s cross cultural framework’s; aim is to provide a corporate and long-term strategic approach to the management of Indigenous issues.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services that are designed to assist and promote Indigenous business, community development and sustainability.

Including but not limited to:

• Organisational cultural intelligence assessment/audit
• Cultural change programs
• Working in a culturally diverse workplace
• Managing cultural diversity, mentoring Indigenous people in the workforce
• Strategic relationship Building with indigenous people/communities
• Capacity building and development of business with Traditional Owners groups
• Developing Proactive Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Addressing barriers to Indigenous Recruitment & Retention
• Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, understanding Traditional Owners

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)

Yaran is a leading edge and entrepreneurial business that offers a range of services to clients to strategically improve their knowledge, skills, and ability to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples whilst undertaking the development and strategic evaluation of RAPs.

Yaran is about changing the discussion around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the perceived notion of disadvantage to engage partners in the reconciliation process.

Through the provision of customised programs Yaran will assist with the development of an world view for non- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to see the real value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples professionally, culturally, economically, and socially.

  • Develop new RAPs that are strategic and aligned with an organisation ensuring sustainable change and real outcomes.
  • Evaluate and develop pre-existing RAPs to align with an organisation’s culture and any changes that may have occurred since the last RAP.
  • Discuss and facilitate the implementation of RAP strategies.
  • Develop pathways for the inculcation of RAPs within the organisation, and
  • Develop real and tangible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment.

Yaran’s philosophy is to develop and inculcate the RAP process in your organisations strategic goals to ensure RAPs are part of your strategic ethos. They are like our vision “Creating Opportunity”.

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