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Yaran Management Accountants have Chartered Accountants to provide you specialist advice to meet your particular circumstances and offer a comprehensive range of professional services designed to assist and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commercial sustainability while ensuring that cultural independence and integrity is maintained.   Some of the Management Accounting services are:

  • Bookkeeping and data entry; Establish chart of accounts, accounting policies and procedures for efficient and accurate processing; Training local community staff in data entry and management accounting; Budgeting and cash flow forecasting; Preparation of financial statements; Financial performance diagnosis, including best practice review; Preparation of management reports and dashboards (real time, weekly or monthly) to aid in timely decision-making; Presentation of management accounts to meetings; Governance Training.
  • Using cloud accounting solutions, we provide an end-to-end service leaving you more time to work on  your business, not in  your business; From a bookkeeping perspective, using cloud-accounting software like Xero means; We use many of the great add-on tools.  Xero provides a perfect platform for all the business inputs such as bills from suppliers and employee timesheets;
  • We can also offer tailored solutions, such as data reconciling, bookkeeping; Related Apps such as CrunchBoards provides real-time reporting used for budgeting, data comparison and KPI measurements of non-financial data. This makes planning and monitoring much easier.

Our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander needs combined with specialist knowledge and experience ensures that Yaran is able to provide relevant advice to our client organisations, communities and individuals. We place a high value on technical excellence and practical solutions while respecting the integrity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and business needs.

We have performed executive office duties remotely for Aboriginal Charitable Trusts for over 12 years and this has worked extremely well, reducing issues such as humbug. Our services ensure good communication and trust by clients. We are willing to set up a shop front to service local needs if required and as funds allow. Our team understands that your entity, be it a community service provider, or a business, has core corporate philosophies, and consistent with that, our advice ensures that you can cater for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander economic and cultural sensitivities when developing business opportunities.

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