Corporate Advisory

Yaran Management Accountants has the expertise acquired from our consulting and accounting staff to deliver high-quality strategic plans and solutions that help our clients to develop their successful business.

Our team has the capability of identifying growth in and for businesses from their inception or start-up phase and or public listing and/or during mergers and acquisitions of new or complementary businesses.

We work together with our taxation and business advisory staff and consult our internal and external advisors from experts in legal, brokerage and financial advisory to maximise our client’s investment requirements.

In developing joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions we are very aware of the requirements in structuring these ventures and the due diligence requirements for making sure that all is what it seems, from both the outside and the inside of the business to minimise as much risk as is humanly possible.

We support our clients with independent and fearless advice by providing accurate reporting as to historical accounting and projected costs and other related advisory services in either capital raising or public offerings.

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