Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd (“YBS”) (100% Aboriginal owned and managed Company). YBS has been the manager/administrator of an independent Aboriginal management team that currently manages the following.

YBS has prepared this document for “Resource Companies” for their information” we use this document to assist Resource Developers and Traditional Owner Groups if they seek instructions as to how heritage is to be provided in respect to their resource and development clients. YBS has been involved in providing administration and management of future act, heritage and native title claim management”.

We provide the following information to Resource Companies for their consideration.

Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd is a leading heritage management firm for a number of Aboriginal Native Title groups around Australia. Our multi-disciplinary team that includes use of a panel of expert consultants is recognised as leaders amongst resource development companies in the “Pilbara” region of Western Australia and in South Australia.

We have extensive experience managing the heritage requirements of the traditional owners within the combined Pilbara and South Australia regions involving projects such as mining and resource development, access road clearances mining and resources developments and balancing the requirements of the people and statutory authorities and stakeholder groups.


managing the heritage requirements of the traditional ownersARCHAEOLOGY

We (YBS) have a proven track record in the engagement of the appropriate Archaeological and Anthropological companies such as ACHM and Other Consultants and have been involved in the management of some of the most complex archaeological projects in the Pilbara from tor traditional owner groups, such as excavations, complex surveys both Archeological and Anthropological. We regularly engage experts who are leaders in the field of stone tool analysis, predictive modelling, faunal analysis, excavation, rock art recording and analysis, and archaeological field survey.

Heritage Workers on site during 2011


YBS currently administers the employment of approximately 7 permanent staff for clients doing survey work and a pool of (in excess of 50) casual traditional owner consultants, allowing us to provide comprehensive, flexible service for the projects we undertake for the communities in the Pilbara and in South Australia. Our experience is often invaluable in ensuring that complex heritage issues are understood and managed successfully when dealing with our experts and the traditional owners.


Our team offers unrivalled experience in the management of large and extremely complex heritage management issues for industry, government and stakeholder groups. We also manage smaller projects as required.


An essential component of most modern development projects are a timely and well-executed cultural heritage management plan. We have particular expertise in ensuring that these plans are written as required by the traditional owners and that the mining companies are implementing cultural heritage management plans as they are legally and morally required.


HERITAGE ADVICEWe make sure that the mining and resource companies provide expert advice to you the traditional owners as our clients on all aspects of cultural heritage management including legislative compliance, survey requirements, logistics, community consultation, heritage agreements, consent applications, data collection, archiving, and advocacy or court expertise as required.


We undertake the following duties to ensure that all the heritage survey workers who are employed to do the heritage work do so in a safe and professional manner. We undertake all or some of the following work to make this job as easy as possible:

  • We calculate and make Heritage worker payments.  Ensure that all taxes, superannuation and WorkCover are accounted for in the process.
  • All the Heritage Agreements are reviewed and the Survey Worker payments are being constantly updated as per the agreements and the CPI increases are taken into consideration.
  • Undertake to develop heritage survey documents and ensure they are legal and applicable to our clients using good lawyers.
  • Involves at times our staff speaking to Centrelink and other agencies as required by law.
  • Employ only “Appropriate” people to undertake management roles on the ground to manage heritage and other cultural matters.
  • We have employed traditional owner members at the FMGL Solomon project as full time heritage officers.
  • We have also employed other traditional owners at exploration and development or drill out stages of ore projects who will work full time for traditional owners as land management and heritage monitors on fixed and permanent basis.  This does not include the heritage management of a number of other projects.
  • Recently re engaged by traditional owners – to manage the heritage surveys at the BHPBIO Area C mine.
  • We ensure that appropriate mine site prepared vehicles are available to carry out this work.
  • Have developed contracts that would allow the “TO’s” to engage the best specialist professional Anthropologists and Archaeologists to undertake surveys for the Group.
  • Would create an appropriate “TO” owned and operated business entity with appropriate ABN and appropriate Tax File Number for the business if required.
  • Appropriate insurances with appropriate Insurance Brokers
  • Have accountants and bookkeepers managing the heritage payments and invoicing.
  • We have undertaken surveys, flora and fauna inspections, hydrological inspections and reports for over 7-10 years and provided first class services to traditional owners in the Pilbara and South Australia.
  • Our staff have costed for Traditional owner involvement and undertaken hundreds of surveys over the past 7-10 years and we are a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business.
  • We have developed specific scope of works requirements that are required from the mining and resource companies.
  • We have developed an Occupational Health and Safety Policy Document for our staff and casual staff (survey workers).
  • Assisted in developing Asbestos safety processes and policy documents due to working in the vicinity of Wittenoom
  • Developed Heritage Agreement templates for both WA and SA heritage environments with our legal people. This has assisted in providing certainty for both the Traditional owners and the Mining and exploration proponents.

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-136" src="https://i1.wp.com/yaranbiz.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/pic-5.jpg?resize=300%2C225" alt="• Developed Heritage Agreement templates for both WA and " srcset="https://i1.wp.com/yaranbiz.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/pic-5.jpg?resize=300%2C225 300w, https://i1 more info here.wp.com/yaranbiz.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/pic-5.jpg?w=1000 1000w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />


Richard Callaghan, Director – Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd, PO Box 2286 Hilton Plaza, SA 5033, M 0419 858 213, Office T 08 8234 5700, F 08 8234 5600. rick@yaranbiz.com.au

YBS has been involved on working or providing heritage administration services and working closely with the following mining companies and traditional owners over the past 10 plus years. We worked primarily with two major Aboriginal clients in the past two years but have worked with up to five clients during the past 10 years and this involved working hand in hand with the resource explorers and developers on a day to day basis and creating a professional and trusting and transparent working environment so there was a win, win for all parties involved. We have provided logistical and administrative support, training and management of heritage projects.

  • BHPBIO – Area C mine and exploration tenements Pilbara (7 years and ongoing Agreements, surveys, section 18’s excavations)
  • RTIO – Yandi, Hope Downs and Koodaideri tenement’s and mine – Pilbara (7 years and Ongoing Agreements, surveys, section 18’s excavations)
  • HPPL (Hancock) – Mulga Downs (Murray Hill Mining Lease drill out) – Pilbara (4 years and ongoing Agreements, surveys, section 18’s excavations mine haul road development, managing miscellaneous licenses’ and heritage and clearance imperatives)
  • Rio Tinto Exploration – Ongoing exploration tenement surveys – Koodaideri, Numerous leases East Pilbara (7 years and ongoing)
  • BHBIO Port Development (Marapikurrinya)– seabed and costal surveys – Port Hedland West Pilbara Assisted the traditional owners to become more commercial and provided ongoing management and business development as well as providing training in Cross Cultural Awareness.
  • FMGL Port Development (Marapikurrinya) – seabed, railways, camps and costal surveys – Port Hedland West Pilbara
  • Iron Dept. Main roads WA – Road realignment surveys
  • FMGL – Solomon rail spur line (100 kilometres) Very sensitive area rock art sites management
  • All Companies – Development of Section 18 reports for destruction of sites
  • Brockman Australia – Koodaideri (Marillana tenements)
  • Iron Ore Holdings (IOH) – Iron Valley and Lambs Creek and Phil’s Creek projects (several years)
  • PMI (Polaris) – Phil’s Creek sold to PMI by IOH.
  • Iron Duyfken – Exploration tenements (Agreement and surveys)
  • Cazaly Resources – Agreement and surveys
  • Hemisphere Resources Pty Ltd – surveys and agreement
  • United Minerals Pty Ltd – Agreement and surveys’
  • South Australia (previous/current)

Previously undertook work for Kaurna and Adjhadura NTG and worked doing surveys’ for roads, housing development’s, city council clearances, hospital site, Southern Expressway, Northern Expressway, defence establishments to name a few we have literally assisted in the management and administration of hundreds of surveys, monitoring of sites, projects and been involved in artefact collection and site excavations.