Our Aim

Our aim is to assist Individuals, Communities, Corporations, Government Departments and their stakeholders to come together in a mutually beneficial way but as independent partners.

This allows each partner to maintain its independence whilst deriving a benefit from a strategic alliance or partnership.

For instance, at Yaran Business Services we aim to assist Indigenous people in participating in economic development through joint ventures, direct investments, mining and forestry and pastoral ventures, employment, service contracting arrangements, and small business opportunities, while ensuring that cultural independence and integrity is maintained.

As a front of office trust manager we have provide trust management services to and assist in making decisions relating to a number of financial, social and economic issues in a culturally acceptable manner. We can assist the Trustees engaged by the community or Aboriginal Corporation as required.

Meeting your needs

We understand that your corporation has certain core corporate philosophies, in keeping with that; our advice will ensure that the corporation is able to cater for Aboriginal economic and cultural sensitivities when developing business opportunities.

The relationship will provide a team approach involving experienced professionals who will combine their technical expertise with a strong client ethic. The service you receive from our firm will be direct and personal.

Yaran Business Services offers a comprehensive range of professional services that are designed to assist and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business, community development and sustainability.

As Trust Managers we have a number of Managers and Staff with experience in this field.

We currently provide the following services to trust clients in that we:

  • Provide Independent Trustees and Directors for the trust to ensure all benefits are preserved and allocated evenly.
  • Ensure the receipt of all income and benefits to which the corporation, community or individual is entitled;
  • Pay accounts for which the corporation, community or individual is liable (including travel expenses);
  • Manage taxation, arrange for Public Benevolent Institution tax status and structures, retirement/Government benefits and investment matters;
  • Coordinate maintenance of the corporation, community or individual, or their dependents;
  • Coordinate the sale or purchase of property;
  • Organise and manage investments including management of competitive tendering of portfolio or investment managers;
  • Ensure the continuation of an existing business, assist in new business development and community management.
  • Our appointment is also at the sole discretion of the Trustees of the organisation; and
  • We can also assist in the development of Trust Deed documents and policy development for the operations of the Trust to meet community, organisation or community needs and aspirations.

Balancing culture and business

Yaran Business Services was formed as a result of a desire to provide more economic and culturally acceptable and client specific services. The Director of Yaran Business Services, Rick Callaghan, operates out of our offices in Adelaide, South Australia and we have affiliate offices in Perth WA and Darwin NT. We have legal and taxation Associates in Adelaide and Perth whom assist in business development.

Our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander needs combined with specialist knowledge and experience ensures that Yaran Business Services is able to provide relevant advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, communities and individuals.

We place a high value on technical excellence and practical solutions while respecting the integrity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and business needs.

Trust Management Services

Yaran provides consulting services to both the private and public sectors. Our consultants offer professional and reliable leading edge information and services in the following areas:

  • Trust Management
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Accounts and taxation management
  • Business Facilitators & Brokers
  • Strategic Community and Business Planning
  • Native Title Commercial Agreements and Mediation Services
  • Assist with training of Trustees and Board Directors re obligations and responsibilities
  • Strategic Relationship Building Strategies
  • Research and Policy Advice
Our commitment

Through the talent and skill of our professionals we can make a significant impact in improving performance and the ability to add value to every opportunity.
Client experience

Prior to starting this consultancy firm Rick Callaghan was the national coordinator of a big five accounting firm’s Indigenous Business Group for five years and developed substantial consulting opportunities across a number of business disciplines for KPMG, he commenced his boutique consulting firm in 2000 delivering services to the public and private sector with emphasis on clients such as BHP Billiton, Carey Mining, Elders Ltd, Martu Idja Banyjima, Woodside Ltd, Pilbara Iron in the Pilbara, DEWR and the Department of Health and Ageing.

Our team members have worked within the government and public health and the mining and resource sectors developing employment and business strategies, and has assisted with economic and mining negotiations and agreements between resource companies and Native Title claimants.

These clients where not restricted solely to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. Directors of Yaran have conducted work for some of the following organisations, communities and individuals relating directly to trust management:

  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore
  • Banyjima Charitable Trust (Pilbara)
  • Fortescue Metals Group Limited

Yaran Business Services has nearly fifteen plus years of experience helping indigenous people in these situations and provides a reliable, efficient and professional trust management service to a specific Aboriginal Community.